February 9: Tea Party North's Monthly meeting

Feb 9 2014 3:00 pm
Feb 9 2014 4:30 pm

Tea Party North -- an Indiana tea party group located in Marion County, Indiana

Don't miss Trevor Loudon at the Knights of Columbus on Sunday, Feb. 9th @ 3pm. Trevor is from New Zealand and is touring Indiana and the U.S. to help Americans learn about the cancerous disease called progressivism.  Progressivism is infecting our dearest and most important institutions here in Indiana and across America.  Progressives want to progress citizens back under control while conservatives want to conserve or preserve their constitutional rights to remain free.  For example, did you know that some public high schools  and at least one local catholic high school collects hair follicles of students (without probable cause) through a drug program for the "safety" of children?  Could DNA be gathered from a hair follicle?  Do parents know about the DNA requirement in the data mining portion of Common Core State Standards?  Wouldn't this hair collection breach our 4th Amendment right against a search and seizure without probable cause?  How does the collection of hair follicles and DNA protect our children for their "safety"? Why is hair and DNA needed in education?   And why is our children's health records now being shared with other states and the federal government without parental consent? How does this keep a child safe? This seminar is for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and students who are interested in preserving freedom for the next generation.